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Landon C. Zabcik

Contact Info: Landon C. Zabcik 5325 Silvermoon Ln

Cell: (850) 292-5002 Raleigh, NC 27606


Education : Auburn University Auburn, AL

Master’s of Science in Software Engineering, August 2003, GPA: 3.6

Auburn University Auburn, AL

Bachelor’s of Science in Computer Engineering, August 2001, GPA: 3.0


Technology : Languages:  

C#, ASP.NET, PHP, C/C++, Visual Basic .NET, Ada, dbase, UNIX scripting, T-SQL, PL/SQL, Perl, Assembly Language, HTML, CSS, GTK#, XML, OpenGL, JavaScript, AJAX, SQL, SOAP, LDAP, Ruby, Fortran, Scheme, Java, Python, DHTML.

  Operating Systems and Platforms:

Linux, UNIX, Solaris, SCO, Windows, Windows Server, Palm OS, Windows CE, MS-DOS, Free DOS, Open WRT, BSD, Mac OS X.

  Tools, Technologies, and Environments:

.NET, WCF, WPF, Mono, MySQL, MS SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL++, Apache, Bind, Visual Studio .NET, Anjunta, Eclipse, MS Visual Source Safe, Enterprise Library, Subversion, Vi, Mono, Bluefish, SOA, XML-RPC, SMTP, POP3, IMAP, Bind, Dovecot, phpMyAdmin, TCP/IP, Syncfusion, Dundas, IBM Rational Purify, NDoc, phpDocumentor, Awstats, HTTP, HTTPS, ADO .NET, DOM, SSL, SSH, rsync, IP Works, Borland C++ Builder, .NET Framework, IPv4, IPv6, Fuse, FTP, JSON, Gimp, Photoshop, Open Office, Ethereal / Wireshark, Altova XML Spy, Camtasia Studio, Samba, NFS, VirtualBox, VMWare, MySQL Query Browser, MySQL Administrator, Rational Tools, ClearCase, ClearQuest, Grove Admin.

               Software Development:

Object Oriented Design, Unified Modeling Language (UML), Personal Software Process, Agile Modeling, Extreme Programming, Waterfall, Reverse Engineering, Pair Programming, Design Patterns, Use Cases, Unit Testing, Capability Maturity Model.

Areas of Study:

User Interface Design and Evaluation, Database Design, Operating Systems, Computer Architecture, Multimedia Networking, Software Process, Computer Networks, Data Structures, Algorithms, Network Administration, Artificial Intelligence, Human Computer Interaction, Object Oriented Development.

Work Experience : Senior Software Engineer, Hill-Rom, Cary, NC February 2008 to Present

Developed user interfaces in C# .NET for multiple applications conforming to customer specifications and usability requirements for hospital patient systems.  Development including utilizing mono in an embedded Linux environment and developing DTOs utilizing .NET WCF services for data access to SQL servers.

Software Engineer and Architect, Spectrum Systems, Inc., Pensacola, FL August 2003 to Feb 2008

Developed database and UI software on UNIX systems for mission critical emissions monitoring computers.  Used extensive UNIX scripting, C#, PHP, and dbase to customize qualified data acquisition systems.  Solo developer for many web and distributed applications utilizing a client-server architecture.

Lead Web Applications Developer, Holley Grove, Pensacola FL June 2005 to Present

Sole application developer responsible for numerous custom LAMP (Linux Apache MySQL PHP) web applications including International retail websites, administration portals, accounting systems, dynamic websites, and distributed user directories. Solely responsible for all application development including design, implementation, testing, and complete LAMP server setup and maintenance.

Software Engineer (Intern), Solutia Inc., Pensacola, FL May 2002 to September 2002

Developed web-based software applications and user-interfaces for Solutia’s engineers.  Designed Java Virtual Machine based applications drawn from engineer’s specifications and requirements.  Installed and maintained the EASA server on the Solutia Intranet.  Worked closely with Solution engineers.

GTA, Computer Engineering Department, Auburn University Fall 2000 to December 2002

Graduate teaching assistant to Auburn University’s Comp1000 Computer Competency Course.  Taught five semesters of class over a two-year period where I was responsible for all lectures, instruction, student help, and grades.  Also developed a web application portal database system to hold student test records.

Selected Projects : Distributed Nurse Call System 2008 - Present

Developed application software in a distributed .NET environment on a variety of devices and platforms including embedded Linux and Windows.  Responsible for user interface design and evaluation for several customer-facing applications.  Worked to ensure communication between devices and a centralized SQL server utilizing WCF services.

Multi-Platform, Distributed, Client-Server Data Acquisition System 2003 - 2008

Responsible for product specification, documentation, and process design for a remote EPA data acquisition system.  Responsibilities included project research, and technical documentation.  Environments include Solaris, SCO, Linux, Windows, client/server TCP/IP networking, MySQL, C++, MySQL++, C#, PHP, Visual Studio, Visual Source Safe, and XML. Summer 2007

Responsible for all application, database, and server setup and development. This dynamic web application is designed to be a user-editable online business directory. Project goals included ease of use, data integrity, and security. Developed image upload and resized functions, advertisement generation classed, RSS feeds, remote data retrieval, instant online payment processing, user-editable HTML pages, user login, administration portal, Ajax search function, Google maps integration, business ranking system, advertising image classes, image uploading function, Ajax calendar, user-editable events, and user messaging. Spring 2007

Designed, setup, and implemented an e-commerce object-oriented LAMP application. Complete Linux server configuration and deployment. Development included instant online payment processing, real-time UPS shipping estimation, site statistics, order processing, remote application connection for accounting integration, RSS feeds, SOAP data transfer, newsletters, user sign-up, administration-editable product lineup, site-wide security, search engine optimization, and Windows remote MySQL database access tool for quick access to Excel. Remote hosting and database manager.

svExtractor 2007

A Windows C# application built on the .NET Framework.  Sole developer for a flexible Windows customer application to connect to a Unix server, query for databases, select a database and download the database results to a local data grid. User can also export data to Excel or CSV file. Environment consisted of Windows, SCO, Solaris, and Visual Studio.

svAlarms 2007

A Windows C# application built on the .NET Framework.  Sole developer for a customer application to connect to a Unix server, query for an alarm condition, utilize a taskbar pop-up for an alarm event, play a sound, and send an email. Connections and alarm points are can be customized by the user. Environment consisted of Windows, SCO, Solaris, and Visual Studio.

svTrends 2006

A Windows C# application built on the .NET Framework.  Sole developer for a customer application to connect to a Unix server, query for data points, allow the user to select data points, retrieve data for a user-specified time period, and export data to Excel or CSV file. Environment consisted of Windows, SCO, Solaris, and Visual Studio.

GroveAdmin 2006

A Windows C# application built on the .NET Framework.  Sole developer for an flexible, open source Windows application utilizing MySQL's ADO.NET driver. This application creates a remote MySQL connection, queries the server for the queries to use, and allows the user to export the data to CSV or Excel. Application is currently in use by several customers needing to quickly convert MySQL data to Excel for external accounting systems. Environment included .NET, MySQL, Windows, and Linux.

SpectraPak Diagnostic Tool 2004

A Windows C# application built on the .NET Framework. This application connects to an embedded Ethernet controller via TCP/IP utilizing a proprietary communication protocol. User interface utilized 3rd party GUI objects. Tool was designed to be a front-end for service technicians to diagnose a variety of device inputs and outputs. Environment consisted of Windows, SCO, Solaris, and .NET

Web-Based Database Administration System Spring 2003

This system allows an administrator to upload and download student test results of the students that have taken Auburn University’s Computer Competency Test.  This system stresses security and is currently in use by Auburn University to store all of the student data from the Competency Test. Results can be imported and exported via CSV files. Reports and searches can be run on students and their scores. Environment consisted of Windows, FTP, Linux, MySQL and PHP.

Palm Pilot Shorthand Conversion Tool 2001

Participated in a C++ team project designed specifically for a target audience of medical doctors.  Developed for the Palm Pilot on the PalmOS, this program will convert any user-defined abbreviated or shortened words to their actual English words.

Publications : Marghitu, Daniela; Meredith, Sean; Zabcik, Landon: March 2004

"Use of Information Technology to Improve the Teaching, Learning and Coordinating Process in a Computer Fluency Course" , SITE 2004, Atlanta, GA, USA, Mar. 2004.